Now I am searching for a break in copywriting.

Also, I have a great taste in music; I veer towards jazz, 80s music, classical, and classic rock. When I've got time on my hands, I brush up on my classical guitar repertoire. Currently, I'm playing songs by Gordon Lightfoot. I love exploring new places and music.

I have travelled to Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and other places in the subcontinent. While I'm interested in travelling, I engage in photography during my trips.

Furthermore, I am student at IGNOU; I am completing my Bachelor's in English. The goal is to become a well-rounded professional in digital advertising. But the long term goal is to become a marketer for great brands. I love copywriting and understand how brand promotion works.

I have the skills to connect with consumers but I also have the empathy to write what my readers enjoy. I dabble in a little poetry and web design.

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 👉🏻You can also view my poetry over here:

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Aditya Roy

I’m a copywriter with a passion for learning and playing chess. I write on fashion, technology, and literature. Do enjoy my work and leave any suggestions.